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Hello, I am Rachel Beausoleil!

My name is pronounced “raw-shell bow-soul-eh!” in keeping with my French-Canadian heritage.

I know my way around the piano thanks to a decade of those “dreaded lessons” as a child. Luckily that experience, along with support from teachers and my family, lead to discovering my true musical passion … voice.

Life threw me a few curve balls, and music took a back seat for a while. I never thought I could actually make a go of it until my beau at the time took notice of how ingrained music was. The music themed clocks, mugs, wall art, sheet music and my constant singing just MAY have given it away.

On our first Christmas together, he gifted me singing lessons. He said I didn’t have to go … but he just wanted to open that door to the opportunity of more … if I wanted it.


So much so, that I ended up quitting my cushy government job to study music full time until I completed a master’s degree… after I married him!

But I didn’t only study music, I created it. I started teaching it. I recorded it. In fact, I “gave birth” to my first album two months before my first daughter entered the world!

After the release of my 2nd album, I met someone who would influence the course of my music journey… Brazilian guitarist-composer Evandro Gracelli. Together we created a repertoire of original songs, founded the Sol da Capital project, and performed regularly until he had to return Brazil.

When he left, I had an open invitation to visit Brazil and perform. I took him up on it three times. My travel to Brazil merged all my musical activities: teaching, research, and above all, performing. It motivated me to learn Portuguese and write a Ph.D. dissertation on Brazilian music!

People think you can either study music or perform it, but not both. However, for me they have been complementary. My appetite for knowledge has made me a better musician. My thirst for music cannot be quenched.

I want my music to be an escape from the present. It should let you forget about the daily grind … at least for a little while. Let your imagination and emotion transport you into the stories. Treat the music like a mini vacation that leaves you feeling renewed.

Jazz is always at the root of my music, because I love to improvise. But I am no purist… I love to mix it up with traditional and popular songs from around the world. And I have even been heard improvising over a Baroque theme! I just don’t see a reason to limit my musical choices. That’s why I sing in six different languages!

Now that my children are grown, I am free to give the music all I’ve got. My voice is stronger than it has ever been. I want to enchant you with my vocals. I still play piano, but only in the shower! And I have been working on learning guitar.

Thanks for wanting to learn a little bit more about me and my music. 

Please take a few moments to visit the Music Page.

Close your eyes and listen … let the music transport you to Brazil, Canada, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, France, Belgium, Ukraine…

Let’s take a musical connecting flight together!

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