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Where Brazilian popular music meets Jazz.

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The Dawning

A jazzy collection of love, hope, and inspiration.

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The first stunner is that this Portuguese-sounding angel with perfect diction, as if singing from a beachside café in Rio de Janeiro, is actually Ottawa-based French-Canadian vocalist Rachel Beausoleil…” – Tony Frankel, Editor-in-Chief, StageAndCinema.com

Her rich timbre with its gentle vibrato is a perfect fit for the idiom and the affinity she has for what has been a life-study is apparent on every track.” – Gordon Jack, JazzJournal.co.uk

Artist’s Statement

You can take the girl out of Montreal … but you can’t take Montreal’s cosmopolitan culture out of the girl. I’ve developed a love of musics from all around the world because of it. Every sound I hear becomes part of my musical vocabulary.

I feel like I was born to sing. Despite all of life’s detours, singing is always like coming home. And Brazil is the perfect fountain for me to quench my thirst for more music, and one more language to sing in while I’m at it!



Rachel Beausoleil

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